LASCYPAA is the Louisiana State Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. We are an annual Young Peoples AA conference which travels from city to city in Louisiana carrying the message of Alcoholic Anonymous. The conference is a Young Peoples conference but that is defined by young and young at heart. Anyone concerned with a drinking problem may attend. LASCYPAA conducts themselves by the 36 principles of AA and it’s members serve at all levels of AA service. The conference operates out of the spirit of AA and regularly contributes to the local Districts, Central Office where it is held, as well as GSO and Area 27 in Louisiana.

Yearly the conference is held in a different city and the impact of the conference can be felt locally as the conference provides a place for an annual celebration of sobriety. LASCYPAA also has a history of helping young people transition into AA general service. It gives young people an opportunity to carry out AA’s primary purpose to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic and be of service in their local areas in a capacity they may not be able to if the conference did not exist. HISTORY OF LASCYPAA The first young people’s group in Louisiana was founded in New Orleans in 1974. Since that time, young people’s groups have been started all over in Louisiana. In 1984, a regional conference of young people in AA was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the Regional Conference, the idea of a state conference was suggested.

LASCYPAA was held for the first time in Shreveport/Bossier in the spring of 1985. The decision was made to have LASCYPAA travel throughout the state on an annual basis. This provides newcomers with a conference where they see and share the experience with other young people in our state. If you know of anyone who would be interested in being apart of this conference or would like to be connected to young people in their area, please reach out to the email at the bottom of this page. The second page of this of this document is all about how to bid for LASCYPAA.


HOW TO BID FOR LASCYPAA (Simplified Steps)









If you are unsure of who any Advisory members are in your area send an email to lascypaa.advisory@gmail.com. Reaching out to the LASCYPAA Advisory Council allows Advisory to know there is a new bid and the Outreach chair along with other members to help you through out the year. Setting up an initial meeting with a few people is a great first step in generating enthusiasm for starting a bid. You can reach out individually or announce this at your home group, district or Private AA groups on Facebook to find people in your area interested in bidding for LASCYPAA.

The initial meeting will be to discuss next steps and planning elections. This should help anyone interested in bidding for LASCYPAA. This document uses the combined knowledge of members on the Advisory Council on the next steps for those wanting to start a bid. More information can be found online at www.lascypaa.com After your initial meeting, the group should decide a date and location to hold elections. You should spend about 30 days outreaching elections to make sure as many people in your area know that you are bidding for LASCYPAA. You will be electing positions based on the suggested positions found here. Reach out to Advisory to see if someone is available in your area to facilitate elections. Set location for elections at a neural location like a meeting place or clubhouse. Apart of having a bid committee is holding events and demonstrating to Advisory you can operate like a host committee. Holding events can help raise money to demonstrate you are self supporting as a bid. Helping out the current host committee through outreaching LASCYPAA is also a great way to act as a host committee.

There are 13 bid requirements which will be complied into a bid book. The bid requirements show the bid is ready to host LASCYPAA. The bid requirements can be found on https://www.lascypaaadvisory.org/index.php/bidding-requirements/ After you have compiled all the bid requirements you will make a bid book. The bid book is submitted 3 weeks before the conference starts digitally to lascypaa.advisory@gmail.com and one physical copy is submitted at the conference. The bid will also do an in person bid skit with a live skit or a video.


Contact Advisory by email if you have more questions about bidding lascypaa.advisory@gmail.com